Board Members & Leadership

Board Members

Nick Aemisegger

Perry Birky

Penni Chisholm

Bruce Gibson

Maura Fields

Ryan Keeler

Bob Lopp

Bruce Meyer

Juleen O’Neal

Bill Burg


Mary Sterhan
Mary Sterhan
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Nuce
Timothy Nuce, MD
Chief Medical Director
Rebecca Quillen
Rebecca Quillen, RN
Clinic Director
Kim Currie
Kimberly Currie, DDS
Dental Director
Shaunda Wenger
Shaunda Wenger, LCPC, LMFT
Behavioral Health Director
Travis Schule
Travis Schule, PharmD., CPP, BCPP
Pharmacy Director
Catherine Todd, MBA, CHC
Compliance and Privacy Director
Leslie Diede
Leslie Diede, MPA, CHES
Quality and Operations Manager
Carie Bradey
Carie Brady, BSHC
Human Resource and Finance Manager
Rowena Moe
Rowena Moe
Patient Access and Billing Manager
Lela Sistok
Lela Sistok
IT and Information Systems Manager